We are a small business, operating by appointment & looking forward to helping you into your next set of wheels.

Primarily specializing in 3 wheel mobility e-scooters, if there is a particular style you are after that I do not have, talk to me & I will see what I can do!

In about 2009 my wife was diagnosed with MS – Multiple Sclerosis, Primary Progressive.

One of the things I found out about MS is, that it affects your mobility.

We are a bit of an out doorsie kinda family & I wanted to be able to assist her in being able to keep mobile. After a heap of reading, conversations, trials & checks, I began importing scooters.

In 2012 the very 1st scooter I got for my wife was the Zap3, currently, she likes the Big Red for everyday use, but for travel, the Little Red & Tiny Traveler is a great option.

I love being able to match the preferred scooter to its new owner, knowing the freedom that can come from it.

I also, as requested, have available a couple of “Toys” the Roadster, Triclops, Harley Boy & Xiaomi – feel free to come and take them or any of our other scooters for a spin.

We have demo scooters of all models in stock for you to try, a number in stock for immediate purchase, otherwise will order in the specific model you request based on your selection & specifications.

Come and see me & find your match!




Ph 021 0223 7779

email: jamie@ebikeznz.com



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